April 7th, 2007, 9:19 am

4TH news update!! Spring Break FAILS

D: Sorry for the no updates for like.. a WEEK! D:!!!
Y'know I can't work on my comic at home D; (most of the time) And the chances of me working at home(were already quite slim and)were demolished to 0% when my computer got a shitty virus and I can't even turn it on (No safe mode or nuttin, and I could fix it, I just need to format the HD.. But my parents are all liek.. NO UR GHEY.)
So my cousin's gonna do it later today methinks... I prolly won't work on the comic though until the break is over (Tuesday I got back to skewl) Then I can FINALLY continue LF :]

And I do have Fireworks/Flash on my flash drive and I usually use other PC's and launch the programs straight from my drive... BUT, FIREWORKS has ceased working! D:
And I don't have the install of it anymoar :[
(Luckily, the computers in both my computer classes have Macromedia so it's all good..) (Just so you know)
So yeeeeeeeeeeeah.. That's all for now.

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