March 13th, 2007, 4:33 pm


Heyo Yo.
(Please forgive for the longness of what I have now named the "Summoner Saga") (Or Brandon Saga...Wutev)

I'll be ending it shortly.
Well not ending just continuing is later, this is a remake of an old comic and everything I have done came out better then the original and people even liked it more, except the Summoner Saga, this wasn't in my original LF, The introduction of Brandon and Amanda was very swift and silly... But I decided to make their intros a bit moar.. Cooler, Better and A LOT longer o_o;
And I pretty much made it up as I went, That must be the source of the FAILURE, (or it ain't THAT much of a failure, but it is lacking what LF should be... Un-Lacking D:)

Anyways, I'll be focusing on a few other people (which when I do it shouldn't be more than 3 pages, actually it'll prolly be one, but mostly I'll re-focus on Jeff and Gabby)
And Jeremey and Jeff won't be re-united for a while... Yarr, but I can still do some funnies WiThOuT JeR D: DON'T KILL ME!!!1`1/@#JOEGERG#$@T$%H%T
It'll all work out, and for those that are UNSATISFIED (I know that moar than one of you liked the Jer/Jeff parts moar than the Brandon/Clyde parts >:P)
It's OKAY D:
This is going to be a pretty long series, and it'll most definatly exceed 1000 pages Dx
(I do one a day, for fun) (But lately I have been in Artist/Writer HEAT lol D: Going WAAAAY out of my way to do a multitude of pages in a few hours, I'm going to slow down again soon)

There will be a few "Not funny parts" But They Won't be as long as the Summoner saga was (20 pages-iish)
I have lots of jokes and such coming up and I am DAILY thinking up more to add into the original story :3

So if anyone wants to say.. Anything... Say it? (Duh..) :D

Ciao :3



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