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Posted: 27 Nov 2008 13:41 (pages 1-212) by: MeggersNuff
Nuff returneth to reviewing, and what do we have here then? LASTFantasty is a comedy/action comic that follows mainly the adventures of a mage called Jeremey and his thick-as-two-short-planks friend, Jeff.

The whole feel of the comic world here is very much based on the now famous JRPG set up we are so familiar with from games such as the final fantasy series. The characters often comment on things such as how much MP they have left, and characters have died with no real consequence as they are revived soon afterwards. Obviously, this tends to make any impending doom seem just a little muted, seeing as how characters can be so easily saved.

Another thing worth noting is the two leads have been known to break through that 4th wall. It's mainly been used to explain characters backgrounds, which I'm sure TerminalMontage is aware, is a rather lazy move as far as story telling goes. Character background, personality and the like should really be built up over a range of pages rather than explained away in a single flash. Still, these moments are always peppered with well executed humour so are passable rather than grating like they could have been. There has also been the occasional plot hole popping up, normally covered by a character pointing the hole out themselves.

Before I slog into the humour I'll go back and look over the rest of the characters populating the LF universe. It's a big cast. The good guys tick the boxes for RPG stereotypes. We've a Mage, a warrior class, assassin, archer, a princess, a fist fighter, a healer and a quiet arse kicker.

Each and every one of them has a distinct personality that is well expressed and adds depth to the impressive line up of cast members. Although they all came from different parts of the world and had nothing to do with one another they are currently being drawn together in classic RPG style. A notable character that particularly stuck out for me was Gabby. The love struck assassin amused me to no end, I have always like a women who could kick arse.

Not to be sold short the bad guys are packing some impressive characters too. Most notable are the crazy warlock who's exact mission is a bit befuddled. Originally she was after the princess, but since then has been trying to stop Jeremy from being revived. It seems to me she just pops up and does all the dirty work for the big bad, and she loves it. The other bad guys include a fighter that is a rival of the goodies punch happy dude Matt and 4 Dark knights. The Knights are hilarious, arguing amongst themselves like children most of the time and despite cheating to level up with a gameshark, they are utterly useless.

Humour wise LF has got it in the bag full. Something in this comic is guaranteed to make you laugh. I have had a few problems with some of the humour used however. In the early stages of the comic it over used the internet forum style of comedy, the "OMGBBQ!!1111!!1" style. Quite frankly, this has never amused me, but on the plus side it seems to be becoming phased out of the comic.

Now we can move on to the art. Now, stick figures are normally used by those lazy buggers who cannot be bothered with such things as character designing. TerminalMontage has shit on that stereotype and has developed a well rounded and stylised art direction here.

I'm particularly impressed with how he can create a good sense of movement and weight, particularly during the numerous fight scenes. It's so often you see fighting in comic's looking stale and dry, but TerminalMontage does a fantastic job of bringing it alive. One niggle that did bug me from time to time was the use of photographs for the backgrounds, they often stood out quite a bit and conflicted with the characters, not to mention kinda destroying the illusion of the world that was being created.

To sum up. LF is not perfect, in fact there are quite a few things you can pick at if you want. The fact of the matter is that, once you start reading LF, you won't give a crap. There is a reason why. LF is funny, action packed, never takes itself too seriously and above all else is massively entertaining.

Nuff approves, highly recommended.
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